Exporta Confirm Verified Carbon Neutral Status

Exporta Confirm Verified Carbon Neutral Status

We have taken the next step on our journey to Net Zero. The exciting news is that we have confirmed our Verified Carbon Neutral status. Having worked together with Auditel to reach this milestone, we become the first carbon neutral plastic pallet supplier in the United Kingdom to be verified to BSi PAS2060 standard.

Journey to Carbon Neutral & Net Zero
When we talk about sustainability being at the core of their business, we mean it. We have committed to be Net Zero by 2045. Our head of business services, Shona Laing explains, ‘We are an environmentally conscious and sustainable thinking company, committed to promoting sustainability across our own operations and helping our customers achieve the same. We have held ISO14001 certification for several years which has allowed us to demonstrate our commitment and compliance. However, we felt that it didn’t take us far enough as we always strive to be a leader in the market. We can see the need in proving that we are an environmentally ethical company and working with Auditel to determine our current Carbon Footprint and put in place a Strategic Carbon Reduction Plan, achieving PAS2060, has allowed us to do that. It’s one thing to talk the talk, another to walk the walk.’

Achieving PAS2060 and becoming Verified Carbon Neutral is the next step for Exporta on our journey to Net Zero, and Auditel have supported us in this journey. Auditels’ Carbon Specialist Sean Connaughton says, ‘Exporta really are ahead of the curve. The culture within the whole organisation is totally focused on a drive to achieving carbon neutrality. Working with them has been a joy, everyone we have worked with has been very receptive, helping us gather the detailed carbon data to accurately calculate their scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. Working across all departments everyone has been willing to share, learn and work with me to make it a smooth journey for both parties.’

Speaking about the verified carbon neutral status Exporta’s managing Director Dale Paterson said, ‘This is an important step for Exporta and one we’re delighted to have reached. It’s taken a lot of work from the whole team who have really bought in to our journey to Net Zero by 2045.’

What can Exporta do for you as a Carbon Neutral supplier?
Working with a sustainably driven supplier means you can be assured that sustainability is at the core of our business. Having provided product handling solutions for over 20 years to the UK industry we have gained the trust of thousands of businesses. Our range includes Plastic Pallets, Pallet Boxes, Pallet Collars, Storage Containers and a range of Load Securing options. There is also a full warehouse and picking solution available for those companies with a larger project to tackle and we can also support with product customisation including in-house logo printing, custom product colours and RFID solutions. We can now even provide pallet rack tests. Providing these goods and services in a sustainable manner means hours of research and planning to ensure products are sourced from manufacturers with the same core values as ourselves here at Exporta.

You can join the growing number of UK businesses adding Exporta to their team and taking advantage of benefits such as next day delivery to every corner of the UK, expert product and industry advice, huge stock levels and much more. Don’t forget to follow Exporta on LinkedIn and Twitter where you can access all the latest news on new product ranges, product advice and much more. To contact the team you can give us a call on 0800 294 4394 or email us at sales@exportaglobal.co.uk. You can also fill out a contact form.



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