The Benefits of Recycled Bespoke Pallets

The Benefits of Recycled Bespoke Pallets

As experts in all types of plastic pallets, crates, totes Exporta recognise that the outmoded, wooden pallet does have one small advantage. Made from slats and blocks of timber, non-standard sizes of pallets can be easily constructed. This blog looks at the benefits of recycled bespoke pallets.


Advantages of Bespoke Pallets

Bespoke pallets, which are custom-made to specific dimensions and designs, offer several advantages:

Optimized for Specific Needs

Bespoke pallets can be designed to precisely fit the dimensions and weight of the products being shipped. This helps ensure that they are secure and protected during transportation.


Increased Efficiency

Maimising space utilisation in shipping containers and warehouses are a key benefit of bespoke pallets. in addition, it can potentially help in reducing transportation and storage costs.


Reduced Damage

Bespoke pallets can be designed with features. For example, specialised padding or reinforcement to better protect fragile or delicate products during transit, reducing the risk of damage.


Improved Safety

Features such as non-slip surfaces or extra stability can be added to help reduce the risk of accidents or injuries during handling.


Environmentally Friendly

Sustainability is a core goal of ours and we’re the first UK Plastic Pallet supplier to achieve Carbon Neutral status. With that in might, another benefit of bespoke pallets is that they can made using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste.


Better Branding

Lastly, including your company branding or logo, improves brand recognition and enhances the appearance of products during shipping and in retail settings.


Recycled Bespoke Pallets

Exporta’s MD and Product Development team recently visited a manufacturing site for recycled bespoke pallets. Here, the team could see up close the raw material, injection moulding and product options available. The visit highlighted the benefits of using 100% recycled components. And also a first hand account of how they can be successfully made into bespoke sizes of pallets.


Having offered this suggestion to two customers – a manufacturer of HGV wheels and a distribution company of oversize building materials, the team can see great advantage where this type of pallet construction would fulfil specific requirements.

The material used is tough, durable and extremely resistant to most weather conditions. The construction of the pallets is suitable for heavy loads.  In addition, we have an in-house load testing set up to check the pallet is suitable for your specific load.

plasteco wood

Require Your Own Bespoke Pallets?

So, with pre-manufacture 3D drawings and trial samples readily available, Exporta’s Bespoke Pallet service is exactly what you need. Our existing method of bespoke CNC cutting and welding of standard stock pallets continues to be successful for many requirements.

Get in touch or call 0800 294 4394 to talk to one our team members about your requirements.

Exporta Global 7/03/23


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