Rental Option Helps Store £60M Worth of Stock – Case Study


The Customer 

Our Midlands-based customer supplies in to the pharmaceutical industry, offering complete solutions in pharmaceutical manufacturing from pre-clinical investigations and process development to commercial cGMP production. 


The Challenge  

Working within the pharmaceutical industry means it’s essential that products used are clean and hygienic. The customer required plastic pallets which are ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as mesh decks which are a requirement for Health and Safety.  

As they were moving to a new warehouse facility, there was a need for a large order. However, there was no room in the budget for them to place a large Capex order. So, we needed to find an alternative solution.  


The Solution 

At Exporta we offer rental options. This allows our products to be rented over a fixed term rather than purchased outright. This solution was excellent for them, allowing the customer to spread the cost over several options while still getting the products when they needed them. In addition to the plastic pallet rental, we were able to support them with the mesh decks straight away. 

Since dealing with Exporta, the customers can see we’re not just another supplier. We’re different and will go the extra mile to find a solution, such a rental option.  

By working together, the customer has successfully stored £60M worth of stock in the new Middlesbrough warehouse, supplying pharma products for drug growing. The process of getting a new drug to market takes 14 years.  

Moving forward we have already discussed supporting them with netting for the back of pallet racking, more pallet boxes, and a system with hooks for hanging pipes. 


Projects with Exporta 

If you are looking at rental options for your own operation, want to make your warehouse more efficient or have a need for a customised product, get in touch. Call 0800 294 4394 or complete our online form and someone from our expert team will get back to you. 


How Can We Help You

If you have an operational hurdle or you want to improve the efficiency of your operation but are not 100% sure of where to start, then why not get in touch with the experts at Exporta. The initial consultation is free and under no obligation, they guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Exporta is the place to come if you need to MOVE IT, STORE IT or SECURE IT. We provide products and services to help businesses save time, save cost, and ensure compliance. We do this by supplying products such as plastic pallets, storage containers, pallet boxes, crates, load securing items, racking & shelving, and a full range of warehouse equipment.