Why Branding is Key to Returnable Transport Packaging

Why Branding is Key to Returnable Transport Packaging

The important factor of returnable packaging is that is works as part of a loop system or circular economy, something we recently looked at the Rise of Returnable Packaging. It’s vital that anyone handling the packaging knows who and where it should be returned to.  Your products are often in your marketplace more than your staff. How much more quickly could your company be remembered by simply adding your brand to your Returnable Transit Packaging.


How Can You Showcase Your Brand?

Your logo is the image you present to the world. Whether it is in front of current or potential customers, you want your brand to be seen and build brand recognition. With current options in printing methods, virtually every substrate used in Returnable Transit Packaging can be permanently overprinted so that your company is recognisable quickly.


Also, when a MOQ of a product is reached, additional methods such as your logo being moulded onto the product gives even greater meaning to the power of your brand. Or maybe, your corporate colour is a significant part to your brand being recognised. Again, with the minimum order quantity in mind, any Returnable Packaging moulded in Plastic can be manufactured in the wide range of RAL colours.


Branding in a Circular Economy

Products used for returnable packaging are all part of the growing circular economy. As companies look at ways to become more sustainable, reusing and returning packaging goods is a key part of this. By branding your packaging products with printed logos, specific colours and even embossed branding, it helps ensure easy identification with the circular economy.


Plastics are one of many products made from polymers, and polymers are materials made of long, repeating chains of molecules. The materials have unique properties, depending on the type of molecules being bonded and how they are bonded. What does that mean for you? Simply that products from our plastic range can be moulded and customised to suit your needs. So if an embossed logo is your preference, then we can do it. We can also look at non-standard sizing if that is something you are looking for. With most of our customisable options, a minimum order quantity may apply.


Exporta Are Here To Help

We can support your requirement whether it is custom sizing, colours, printing or bespoke. Contact us on 0800 294 4394, chat to us at www.exportaglobal.co.uk or send your requirements to sales@exportaglobal.co.uk

Exporta Global 2/08/22


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