What is The Lifetime Value of a Plastic Pallet?

What is The Lifetime Value of a Plastic Pallet?

What is the lifetime value of a plastic pallet? It’s a question that comes up time and time again. If you switch from wood to plastic, then you want to understand why it’s worth the extra investment using plastic, right? We understand. We’ll look at why choosing plastic pallets over wooden pallets is a better choice and how you can extend the lifespan of your plastic pallet.


How Long Will a Plastic Pallet Last?

In general, a plastic pallet can last 8 to 10 years. This more than twice as long as wooden pallets. Plastic Pallets can withstand more wear and tear compared to their wooden counterparts, with plastic being stronger and more durable. Partnered with the right protection, plastic pallets can be used again and again. This makes them ideal for loop systems, automated operations, and returnable transit packaging (RTP).


You traditionally don’t think sustainability when you think of plastic. However, the fact is that at the end of use, plastic pallets can be recycled and repurposed. 98% of the plastic pallets we stock are made from recycled materials. This means the lifespan of plastic pallets is extended even after further into new products.


Maximising the Lifespan of Plastic Pallets

While we would want every plastic pallet to last up to 100 trips no matter what, the reality is the lifespan of a plastic pallet depends on its use and care. Plastic pallets don’t succumb to the elements in the same way wooden pallets do, for example they are not prone to rot or damp, however they should not be stored in direct sunlight and still require care.

Ensuring the pallet is used for the appropriate application, isn’t overloaded for its weight capacity is also key. There are a wide range of sizes plastic pallets, plastic pallet racking loads and plastic pallet sizes available so choosing the correct pallet for your needs is key. We have a Pallet Selector Tool that can help you find the right pallet for you.

And above all, simply making sure your plastic pallet is handles with care and used within its specifications.


The Benefits of Plastic Pallets

As well as the long lifespan, there are other benefits to using plastic Pallets:

  • ISPM15 exempt – plastic pallets can be used for exporting without needing any specific certification.
  • Recyclable
  • More hygienic
  • Suitable for returnable packaging
  • Repairable


So, if you were on the fence about switching to Plastic Pallets, we hope this helped you realise the benefits of using them and how you can actually get a better long-term ROI. If you want to know more or need help finding the right pallet for your operation, you can send us a messageor call the team on 0800 294 4394.



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