What are pallet collars and why should you use them?

What are pallet collars and why should you use them?

Pallets are a popular method of safely and securely handling products. Whether wooden or plastic, pallets are used to transport, store and rack goods for your organisation. Pallet collars are an essential component of using pallets.

What are pallet collars?


Pallet collars are placed on top of traditional flat pallets and are a replacement for wooden boxes. Pallet collars can be wooden or plastic and are used to protect the products stored in a pallet. They allow you to easily transport the pallet and store more products inside, making them a more efficient storage solution.


Not only do pallet collars help to keep your warehouse clean and orderly, they’re flexible which means they can be used with different types of pallets, including classic pallets. This makes pallet collars a cost-effective and reusable solution for your storage requirements.


So how are pallet collars made? A single, wooden collar comprises 6 wooden or plastic boards and 6 metallic hinges that hold the boards together. The metal hinges make the pallet collars collapsable, an excellent space-saving solution, and vital for successful logistics.

What are the benefits of using pallet collars?

Save space in your warehouse


Operating in a warehouse with hundreds of products and pallets can take up a lot of space, making it difficult to find room for new products. Pallet collars can optimise the space in your warehouse and during transport, helping you to save 80% of your warehouse space! When not in use, most collars can collapse to be easily stored away.


While products can be stored on pallets without the use of pallet collars, pallet collars allow you to store products safely on more than one level. You can use pallet collars in your warehouse to store more types of products on pallets which would usually be stored in classic wooden boxes.

Prevent product damage


Once pallets are full, they become extremely heavy and hard to manoeuvre. The products stored on pallets can become easily damaged if they’re not taken care of properly. Installing pallet collars protect your pallets and the products stored inside. Pallet collars can protect all types of products from damage including compact, bulky and fragile products.


When transporting the pallets, pallet collars stop products from falling or sliding around. By reducing the risk of damage to your pallets and products during transportation, you need fewer replacements and repair costs in the long term, saving your business significant costs.

Flexible and easy to handle


How pallet collars are constructed is key to their flexible usage. As no assembly is required, they can easily slot securely on top of pallets. Pallet collars can be adjusted to the height and size that you need making them ideal for your bespoke requirements.


Pallet collars can be stacked, while the hinges allow the pallet collar to be collapsed when not in use. As they’re light, durable and portable, pallet collars are easy to handle and move quickly.

Additional pallet collar accessories

To make pallet collars even more flexible, you can secure additional products to your pallet collars to make them suitable for your requirements. Additional products include:



When using pallet collars, it’s important to use them safely and efficiently. You should only stack pallet collars from the same manufacturer on top of each other, to avoid the risk of accidents.


While the majority of manufacturers use a standard size on all their pallet sides, differences can occur. This can cause the pallet collars to fall and damage products or injure people nearby. Avoid the risk and stick to the same manufacturer as such minor differences can cause significant safety issues when pallet collars are used.

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