Top Storage Products for Ecommerce and Retail

Top Storage Products for Ecommerce and Retail

If you need storage products for ecommerce and retail operations, having a system that is fast, efficient, and organised is critical to a streamlined operation and in turn a good customer experience. In the age of digital and online, shoppers are used to the benefit of shopping and buying online and in the last couple of years there has been exponential growth in this space with no signs of slowing down. But traditional retailing still has its place. Year on year, a recent Google study reports that in-store shopping is making a comeback, as searches for ‘store open’ have grown worldwide by over 400%.


Exporta have the experience, knowledge, and products to the help support your order fulfilment and retail operations and is the go-to for many UK companies, including The Range and TK Maxx, because we understand the dynamics of what is required, and therefore stock a wide range of product options to satisfy the varied demands.

  • Different styles of open fronted & tilting picking bins.
  • Size options to accommodate & protect your range of products.
  • Different colours for quick segregation of different items, batches, variants..
  • Open front design for quick access & replenishment.
  • Stackable bins to maximise more products in a smaller footprint.
  • Contents clearly visible for immediate identification.

To complement these products, we also have a range of accessories to label, identify, divide & wall-mount your picking bins.


Take a look at some of our key products in more detail below:


Picking Bins

These provide instant product identification without having to open and close boxes to access the products. A range of size options available, as well as plastic and cardboard options. These can be stacked on shelves or standalone.

02 SNPB324939 202 EPB4320x280 1Euro Picking Bins


Rackable Pallets

A rackable plastic pallet is exactly that: a plastic pallet that you can place on pallet racking. If a plastic pallet is deemed rackable then it will have a “static” load capacity and a “rackable” load capacity. In distribution centres these play a key role in storing and moving products from A to B.

LR1210 101 LR1210 3

Pallet Boxes

A great space saving solution, great storage capacity and can be stacked on top of each other safely. These boxes are also ideals can also be used for display purposes for bulk quantities of products.

01 RB12P01 CB1289H3R1E2S 3


These are stackable when full and space-saving when not in use. With the attached lids they are a convenient choice for secure storage when moving and handling goods. These are ideal for warehouse storage or stockroom storage.

02 ALC642B10 102 ALC70P10 1

Roll Cages

Common place in supermarkets, these allow manual movement of goods from storage to shop floors moving good Roll containers are an essential part of any storage logistics solution.

03 DRP801218S4HG03 DRP718017S4HG


We can support you from product selection right through to full project planning. We have an expert team ready to provide guidance and solutions, whatever your requirement.

If you already know what you need, browse the links we’ve included above and our whole website. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, call us free on 0800 294 4394.

Exporta Global 21/11/23


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