With the timber market facing uncertainty, there’s never been a better time to switch to Plastic Pallets

With the timber market facing uncertainty, there’s never been a better time to switch to Plastic Pallets

There are currently some well documented issues facing the European timber market. For pallet users, sourcing a pallet is becoming increasingly difficult as the prices rise, and the stock levels drop. There is a solution available to businesses in the UK that can bypass these problems, Plastic Pallets.


What’s happening to the timber market?

So what’s actually causing this price rise and these stock problems? The situation in Ukraine has compounded problems with an already fragile market. Russia, Belarus and Ukraine don’t actually supply large amounts of Timber to the UK. However, the countries they do supply to are now having to source supplies from alternative sources. This is causing more competition in the market.

The rise in energy costs is another key factor. These higher price rises are in turn driving up the cost of producing and supplying raw material. We’re also starting to see the domestic timber market increase as we get through spring and approach the summer. This time of year usually sees an increase in demand for timber, but it’s adding to the problem because where UK buyers would usually purchase Scandinavian material, they are now competing in more domestic markets where prices tend to be lower which will in turn cause a sharp increase in domestic timber prices.

The biggest problem however for the wooden pallet market in particularly, is the availability of nails. The Russian steel supply is a key source when it comes to wooden pallet nails and this supply has been cut off. Nail prices have risen by over 65% and this trend looks set to continue upwards.

The problems with the timber market are clear to see, and that means wooden pallets just aren’t as cheap or available as they have been previously. That’s why, we’re seeing more and more customers switch to plastic.


plastic wood stack

Why is plastic a better option?

There are a number of advantages to choosing plastic over wood when it comes to picking a pallet at any point in time, in the context of the timber supply chain problems, the pros are even stronger. Plastic pallets are readily available in huge quantities just now. In our warehouse we have over 30,000 at any given point with containers full of plastic pallets arriving all the time. So, if you needed 1000 pallets urgently for your warehouse operation, and you’re based in the UK, we could deliver them to you tomorrow.

There are several other key benefits to switching, but which benefit suits you the most really comes down to the type of operation you run, and what you need your pallet to do for you. For example, you might need a lightweight pallet for distribution that needs to be affordable but strong, or you might need a heavy duty, food grade pallet for a complex automation or food processing operation.

Some key benefits that cover the plastic pallet range include,

  • Return on investment, plastic pallets don’t get mouldy as their impervious to moisture.
  • Cleanliness, plastic pallets are easy to clean.
  • Durability, plastic pallets are strong and consistent in their design.
  • Safety, your warehouse team won’t suffer any splinters from a plastic pallet.
  • Regulations, plastic pallets are exempt from ISPM15 regulations and if you go for a recycled pallet, you won’t pay any plastic tax extras.


Hang on, plastic is bad for the environment?

Single use plastic is bad for the environment, that’s undeniable. These pallets are not single use. 98% of our plastic pallet range is made from 100% recycled plastic, plastic that was destined for landfill or another harmful disposal method. These pallets are durable and reusable, the average lifespan of a plastic pallet is ten years. When the pallet is ready to be disposed of, the beauty is that it can be recycled again and made in to new pallets.

For more information on plastic pallets and their environmental benefits, read our previous blog: 5 Reasons Why Plastic Pallets are Sustainable


I’ve heard plastic is far more expensive?

This is another common misconception with plastic pallets, depending on what you need your pallet to do for you, it can be far more economic than you think. Especially when you look at the return on investment over time thanks to the longevity of a plastic pallet.

For more information, read our blog: How Much Does a Plastic Pallet Cost?


How can I get a quote?

Firstly, it’s worth browsing our range of plastic pallets, you can do that by clicking HERE.

Don’t forget, you’re viewing the price for one pallet, bulk discounts are available by contacting us by any of the below methods.

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