Returnable Plastic Pallet Collar to Challenge Traditional Options

Returnable Plastic Pallet Collar to Challenge Traditional Options

As a carbon neutral supplier, we always work hard to find products that align with our sustainability goals. Innovation is vital to us. We always strive to bring the latest solutions to our customers. We’re delighted that in the second quarter of 2023, we’ve introduced an innovative new returnable plastic pallet collar. It has the capability to challenge the traditional wooden option on price and performance.


What’s the most common use for Plastic Pallet Collars?

If you need to send an item on a pallet, and you’d like to add a robust outer container, plastic pallet collars are an ideal solution. The plastic collars are designed to wrap round a base pallet. They are then added in stages. This allows the user to create a secure container surrounding a product without having to lift the whole product into the crate in one go. This means stretching injuries are reduced. The user can then add a lid to complete the full protection. Often a returnable plastic pallet collar crates are used as a more economic alternative to plastic pallet boxes.

Who’s using Plastic Pallet Collars?

Plastic Pallet Collars are used across all industries where there is a need to ship and store goods securely. They are particularly popular in the automotive industry thanks to their robust nature. Our customers rely on our range of pallet collars as they trust the protection they provide when shipping or storing their goods. There are clean options for pharmaceutical requirements with our new range of plastic collars. A perfect fit for such an environment. They really do enhance any operation and we’ve seen them used everywhere; from Formula One teams to food production sites.

What have Exporta added to their range?

At Exporta we have always led the market when it comes to wooden pallet collars. Our range of wooden collars are still used across many businesses in the UK. We’ve always offered a plastic alternative, but these options have come at a significant extra cost to our customers. It’s been at the forefront of our research and design team to produce a plastic pallet collar option to rival the wooden alternative, with sustainability at the heart of the project. Our new plastic pallet collar, available in half-euro and euro size, is robust, ergonomic, recyclable and it has a low total life cost due to its durable design. The collar matches with a wide range of our plastic pallets as well as our half-euro dollies meaning we’re able to offer an innovative solution not seen before on the market.

The collars are lightweight, robust, simple to keep clean, easy to handle, they don`t get contaminated, they interlock with each other & base their pallets well and they use less space when not in use.


What Pallets do our Plastic Collars work with?

Not only that, but we also have married these collars up with a range of our most popular nestable & monobloc pallets to form a range of crates to suit many applications for shipping & storage of parts, machinery or whatever your stock in trade is. Your size of pallet box is ready to load within seconds.

Sustainability is key in any returnable plastic solution and our unique recycling scheme applies to our new range of Plastic Pallet Collars. That means when the collar is at the end of it’s useful life, you can send them back to Exporta where they will be recycled and to make it even better, we’ll even offer you credit for your next purchase.

It’s simple to add our new plastic pallet collars to your operation. View the range here. Our team are on hand to give you more information on how these collars can specifically enhance your own process.


What else do Exporta offer?

Exporta are the UK’s first carbon neutral supplier of Plastic Pallets and more. Our range also includes Pallet Boxes, Crates & Containers & various Load Securing options. When you work with Exporta, you’re working with a sustainably focused company. Our products are just the start of what we can do for your business. We offer next working day delivery. We have a free recycling scheme that even offers you credit to spend with Exporta. As well as huge stock levels, expert product advice, and in-house printing service for your products. We can also offer a full warehouse kit-out service. From initial planning to final delivery we take care of it all. Call 0800 294 4394 or complete our online form to discuss your needs.

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