Plastic Pallets Solution – Case Study

Plastic Pallets Solution – Case Study

The Customer

We supported the UK division of a world leader in additive manufacturing services and metal powders, with the widest range of alloys on the market who works with the likes of Nasa, the US Military and VW.


The Challenge

The customer was maxed out on the current site so space was an issue. As well as space problem, there were internal struggles as well which resulted in changes to the staffing levels. Although difficult, this put them in a better position to move forward. There is potential scope for supporting them with an expansion project as well which will require a bigger, regular supply of products.


The SolutionLN1210G5 1

Our Pallets have a long life span and are a great solution for storing products and saving space. Price is always important to them and we were able to have open conversations about this and what would work. As well as longevity and being cost-effective, there is the added benefit of being ISPM15 exempt and having a lightweight design which makes moving and storing easier.


Customer Comments

The customer appreciates the openness to discuss products and price. There’s never been any issues and the communication and hassle free ordering is key for them. They are a longstanding customer who values the relationship and was a champion internally for Exporta based on the the quality of our products and service received. They described Exporta as one of the best, if not, the best supplier they have.

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Exporta Global 18/04/24


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