Planet Friendly Returnable Plastic Packaging Solutions

Planet Friendly Returnable Plastic Packaging Solutions

Exporta continue to lead the charge against the traditional packaging products used in the UK, products such as wooden pallets, cardboard boxes, and plastic shrink wrap. By providing sustainable and economical solutions made from recycled plastic to replace these items like plastic pallets, pallet boxes, pallet collars, containers, crates, and much more they aim to revolutionise warehouses and supply chains across all industries within Britain and more widely, Europe.

Returnable plastic solutions are the key to a sustainable circular economy within a business that utilises product handling goods. By replacing a wooden pallet that is easily damaged and contributes to deforestation with a pallet made from recycled plastic. These have a longer lifespan, so any company can easily take a big step to achieving its own sustainable goals. At Exporta, 98% of the Plastic Pallets in their range made from recycled material. You can also now recycle the pallets with Exporta once the pallets have reached their end of life. If you choose to recycle with Exporta, you’ll receive credit against  your next purchase. When Plastic Pallets are recycled, they are ground down in to pellets before being made into fresh pallets, therefore completing their circular lifecycle. And when the pallets are first manufactured for Exporta, plastic waste is utilised such as old bottle tops and containers, waste that may have ended up in harmful locations.

Exporta offer a wide variety of returnable plastic solutions beyond pallets. They are also the first Carbon Neutral supplier of such a unique and innovative range in the UK.


Sustainability and Exporta

When Exporta talk about sustainability being at the core of their business, they mean it. The company has committed to be Net Zero by 2045. Head of business services at Exporta, Shona Laing explains, ‘We are an environmentally conscious and sustainable thinking company, committed to promoting sustainability across our own operations and helping our customers achieve the same. We have held ISO14001 certification for several years which has allowed us to demonstrate our commitment and compliance. However, we felt that it didn’t take us far enough as we always strive to be a leader in the market. We can see the need in proving that we are an environmentally ethical company and working with Auditel to determine our current Carbon Footprint and put in place a Strategic Carbon Reduction Plan, eventually achieving PAS2060, will allow us to do that. It’s one thing to talk the talk, another to walk the walk.’

Speaking about their verified carbon neutral status Exporta’s managing Director Dale Paterson said, ‘This is an important step for Exporta and one we hope many others in the industry will follow. It’s taken a lot of work from the whole team who have really bought in to our journey to Net Zero by 2045.’


What Returnable Plastic Packaging Solutions do Exporta Offer?

Working with a sustainably driven supplier means customers know that the environment is at the core of the business. Having provided product handling solutions for over 20 years to the UK industry, Exporta has gained the trust of thousands of businesses. The range at Exporta includes Plastic Pallets, Pallet Boxes, Pallet Collars, Storage Containers, and a range of Load Securing options. There is also a full warehouse and picking solution available for those companies with a larger project to tackle. Exporta can also support with product customisation. This includes in-house logo printing, custom product colours and RFID solutions. They can now even provide pallet rack tests.  Providing sustainable goods and services means hours of research and planning. Exporta want to ensure products are sourced from manufacturers with their same core values.

When you work with Exporta, you’re working with a sustainably focused company, passionate about providing planet friendly, returnable plastic solutions to help you create a circular economy within your operation. Their products are just the start of what they can do for your business. To get the service you need and the products you want, add Exporta to your team.


How Can We Help?

To speak to us directly, call 0800 294 4394. Alternatively, you can complete our online form and one of the team will arrange a discussion about your requirements.

Exporta Global 10/05/23


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