Picking Bins & Small Parts Bins – Case Study


IE Grid landscape

The Customer

Hertfordshire based business that supplies a massive range of bus and coach parts and components. Fifth generation family owned business that has developed into the UK’s principal independent distributor of OR bus parts and coach spares and components.



The Challenge

The customer found that the volume and frequency at which they needed the products a challenge. Setting up new site a new site last year, it was imperative that they had they products they needed for a successful opening. As well as product availability, finding these products at a price that they were happy with and could commit to was another challenge. As with so many businesses up and down the UK, price sensitivity played a big part in finding the right supplier.



The Solution

Picking Bins, Pallet Collars and Small Parts Bins are all core products in the Exporta range and were exactly the products that would support this customer’s needs. They provide an easy solution for picking and identification when introducing a Pick and Pack system, which is what the customer was doing. We had the products they needed, in stock and ready to supply.



Customer Comments

The products supplied by Exporta were key in the opening of their new site in 2023. The customer has had no issues with availability and as long as pricing is where it needs to be there will be more orders in the future as they continue to expand and kit out their operation.


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How Can We Help You

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