New Small Parts Storage Range to Extend Our Warehouse Offering

New Small Parts Storage Range to Extend Our Warehouse Offering

As a carbon neutral supplier, we always work to expand our range that inline with our sustainability goals. Innovation is vital and we always strive to bring the latest solutions to our customers. In the first quarter of 2023, we’ve extended our range of small parts storage bins. This will cater to the diverse and ever-growing warehousing needs of today.


What’s the most common use for Small Parts Storage bins?

They’re a cheap method of storing small parts – it`s plastic bags in cardboard boxes.

Small parts bins need to be readily available to hand. These bins are often found in small component picking operations. Components are separated and picked in a manner that keeps workspaces tidy and makes processes more efficient. Identification is key. The bins are almost always available with clear front labels to allow for correct picking. They improve time and cost efficiency. They ensure everything is stored safely and can be located and accessed quickly and easily when needed.

Who’s using Small Parts Storage bins?

The most common sectors using these products are automotive, medical, fashion and food industries however the shift to ecommerce warehousing has increased the demand for efficient picking and therefore small parts bins. These products are designed for long term use. Where cardboard options may be cheaper for large businesses initially, they need to be replaced whereas small parts bins save money in total life cost thanks to their hardwearing and long-lasting design.


What have Exporta added to their range?

We have added two new products to our range in the first quarter of 2023. We’ve added Tilting Storage Bins and Shelf Component Bins.

Tilting Storage Bins are innovative to the UK market. The housing designed allows the bins to tilt forward for access to the components within. This design means contents are secure and visible thanks to the transparent plastic, the components are protected from dust and dirt, they’re easily accessible and they only sit open when necessary.

There are several sizes available to cater for a wide range of product needs, from tiny nuts and bolts to much larger items. Tilting bins can last over fifteen years, making them a great value for money solution.

One key space saving element is the fact these bins utilise vertical space, the units stack efficiently on tope of each other and that means more space within your workspace.

We’ve also extended our range of Shelf Component Bins. Our new range has better interlocking and stacking capabilities meaning more efficient space saving for your warehouse. Our new range includes a wide variety of sizes to suit multiple industry requirements, they are long life and resistant to damage and thanks to their high quality design, they won’t deform when not in use.

We also offer a range of dividers and clear front window panels. Contents remain visible and protected and your components neatly segregated.

Both our new ranges of small parts bins are of course, fully recyclable at the end of their working use and at Exporta, we’ll recycle them for you. These products are designed to last and you can be sure your investment will make your operation more efficient, save you money in the long run, increase the space available to you in your warehouse and keep your components safe.


What else do Exporta offer?

Exporta are the UK’s first carbon neutral supplier of Plastic Pallets and more. Our range also includes Pallet Boxes, Pallet Collars, Crates & Containers & various Load Securing options. When you work with Exporta, you’re working with a sustainably focused company. Our products are just the start of what we can do for your business. We offer next working day delivery and a free recycling scheme that offers credit to spend with Exporta . Also, huge stock levels, expert product advice, an in-house printing service for your products and more. Additionally, we can provide full warehouse kit-out, from initial planning to final delivery.

To add Exporta to your team, get in touch. Call 0800 294 4394, email or visit us at

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