New EU Directive to Ship Goods, Not Air

New EU Directive to Ship Goods, Not Air

Article 9″ of the European Union (EU) regulation on Packaging and Packaging Waste aims to minimize the amount of packaging placed on the market and promote its reuse and recycling. This EU Directive targets for the recycling of packaging waste. It also requires producers of packaging to contribute to the cost of collecting and treating this waste. A recent Packaging Europe article, describes the article in more detail.

Additionally, the regulation sets out requirements for the design and labelling of packaging. This is with a view to reducing its environmental impact. Overall, the goal is to ensure that packaging is used in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. While still fulfilling its essential role in protecting and preserving goods during transportation and storage.


Why is Minimising Packaging Waste Important?

Minimizing packaging and reducing wasted space in shipping is important for several reasons:


  1. Environmental impact: Excessive packaging results in more waste, which can harm the environment if not properly disposed of. By reducing packaging, the amount of waste generated can be reduced, leading to a lower environmental impact.


  1. Cost savings: Minimizing packaging can also lead to cost savings for businesses and consumers. By reducing the amount of material used, production costs can be lowered, and shipping costs can be reduced as well, since less space is needed to transport the same amount of goods.


  1. Improved logistics: Reducing the amount of wasted space in shipping also improves logistics, as it allows for more efficient use of shipping containers and trucks. This can help to reduce transportation emissions and improve the overall sustainability of supply chains.


  1. Better customer experience: Minimizing packaging can also improve the customer experience, as it reduces the amount of waste generated and makes it easier to transport and store goods.


Overall, minimizing packaging and reducing wasted space in shipping are key elements of sustainable and efficient supply chains, and can help to reduce the environmental impact of transportation and storage while also improving the customer experience and saving costs.


What Products Can Help Maximise Space?

With this new EU directive, the UK is likely to follow so businesses should ensure that they are working to an empty space ratio of 40% maximum going forward.

Insert Box 9

As well as offering a range of sizes to suit the needs of your goods and space available, we also have additional products to help maximise space, including:


Container Insert Tubs – available in two sizes are designed to work with 600x400mm crates to give you compartmental storage. These tubs work with our Euro Containers, Tote Boxes, Automation Crates, Folding Crates and Stack/Nest Crates. The tubs nest when not in use and are made from 100% recycled polypropylene meaning they avoid plastic tax costs and can be recycled. The tubs have an area for barcode tracking, and they are compatible with most robotic systems.  Divider General 1


Horizontal Dividers – internal horizontal divider to optimize storage within our range of container & crates. Maximise the number of products stored within the container. Available in four sizes these dividers have an ergonomic handle hole cut into them to allow for easy removal.

02 BSEP01P 5


Euro Container Dividers – configurable dividers for use in our range of 600mm x 400mm euro containers. Specially designed to allow multiple permutations of slots or space divisions, depending on your needs.


Browse our full range of Crates, Containers and Accessories here. Call 0800 294 4394, or use our online form and to speak to one of the team about your requirements.

Exporta Global 13/02/23


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