How Versatile are Euro Containers?

How Versatile are Euro Containers?

Euro Containers are a versatile storage box, sometimes called a Eurobox or Euro bins. Ideal for storing and moving products, manufacturing, right through to dispatch. Their versatility is what makes them such a popular choice.

They might not look like most exciting thing in the world. But below their plastic exterior, these versatile storage boxes contain a wide range of uses!


What are Euro Containers? 

Euro Stacking Containers are storage boxes made from polypropylene. They are highly durable, heavy duty and are reusable. They are available in a range of size options with a capacity of up to 170 litres and a load capacity of up to 30KG. There is an option to suit every application.

The addition of euro container lids also means they can be secured and covered, if required. They can also stack on top of each other, making them easy to store and transport.

Additionally, the introduction of handles at both ends makes for easy and efficient transit and manual handling. Euro storage boxes are used worldwide, come in standard sizes and are useful in a variety of situations.


How Versatile are Euro Containers?

A range of heights and footprints with ergonomic open or closed handles is available. Perfect for use in multiple industrial, commercial, and retail applications such as material movement, distribution, kitting/kanban, general storage and materials management.

Euro footprints allow inter-stacking and compatibility with Euro pallets, standard pallets and other Euro sized crates, boxes, and handling equipment. These containers are suitable for conveyors and automated handling systems. When you’re shifting pallets worth of them, because of their cross-stacking ability, these Euro Containers add rigidity to the stack. They come with a groove in the bottom that fits perfectly into the top of the one below it, meaning the solidity of the stack is enhanced by cross stacking these boxes.

They can come with hinged lids, meaning your Euro containers can be sealed shut and tamper evidence seals can easily be added. Even with their lids on, they can still stack on top of each other so multiple boxes can be moved at once.

Euro Containers are ideal for fitting onto racking and shelving too. With a consistent height through precision manufacturing, these Euro containers easily slide out and into shelving. This makes them the ideal box for storage and automated systems.

Euro Containers are the ultimate versatile storage and product handling box.


What Does Exporta Offer?

Stacking – euro stacking containers. We have various sizes and colours available.,

Picking – euro picking bins in a range of sizes. We also have cardboard euro picking bins available too.

Lids – lids or no lids, you can choose. We have bundle options available in various sizes and colours.

Inserts – designed to work with 600×400 containers to give you compartmental storage.


Whether you’re looking for euro stacking containers, euro containers with lids, euro picking bins or even accessories for your euro storage boxes, here at Exporta, we have the best industrial storage containers to improve the usability of your workspace.

If you don’t see the size, you need you can get in touch for a custom size or colour quote. We can add your brand to our range of containers for easy identification.

View the full Euro Container range online or contact or team to discuss your requirements. Call us on 0800 294 4394 or complete this form and a member of the team will get back to you.



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