How Secure are Anti-Slip Plastic Pallets?

How Secure are Anti-Slip Plastic Pallets?

There are a lot of misconceptions about plastic pallets. They can’t be recycled (they can), they are not as durable as wood (they are), and they’re all slippery (they’re not). In this blog, we’ll look at anti-slip plastic pallets more closely and explore how they can be slip resistant and how you can ensure your products are safe and secure on your plastic pallets.


The Type of Plastic and Finish Makes All the Difference

Overall, a plastic pallet and its texture is going to appear more slippery than wooden pallets. However, plastic can be just as secure depending on the type of plastic in use. We stock a range of recycled plastic pallets, virgin material pallets and HDPE pallets (high-density polyethylene) and are all more slip resistant that you may think. Our range of HDPE plastic pallets also come with optional plugs for additional security on forks.

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This finish of the plastic can also reduce any concerns when it comes to anti-slip plastic pallets. A matte finish A matte finish is ideal when it comes to anti-slip plastic pallets. Whereas pallets made with a gloss finish will naturally be more susceptible to movement and sliding. However, most pallets have a more matte finish to them, meaning there is much less chance of goods sliding or moving.


Extra Security with Ant-Slip Plugs

We stock these for use with a range of our plastic pallets. If the goods you are moving and storing on your pallets are slippery, these can provide additional security and peace of mind that everything is as secure as it can be. This is especially key if you have high value goods on the pallet. It also reduced the likeliness of any accidents which can impact your workforce and your productivity.

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Are Anti-Slip Plastic Pallets Mandatory?

While it is not legally mandatory for pallets to be anti-slip, it does make sense to ensure whatever goods you are storing and moving are as secure as possible. The HSE simple advises that ‘extra measures may be needed to secure goods’, which is where our anti-slip plugs could serve there purpose.


How Can Exporta Help You?

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