How long will Plastic Pallets last outside?

How long will Plastic Pallets last outside?

At Exporta, we are often asked about a Plastic Pallets durability and performance when stored outside. Businesses using wooden pallets tend to suffer with problems caused by exposure to moisture such as warping and shape changes as well as pests and infestations within the timber. In this blog we’ll look at the benefits to switching to Plastic Pallets when it comes to outdoor storage.


Why Plastic Pallets?

Plastic Pallets are a popular choice for outside storage for a variety of reasons. They are durable, weather-resistant, and easy to clean. The pallets are made from a variety of plastics including polypropylene and polyethylene, these plastics are resistant to moisture, sunlight, and chemicals.


The Benefits of Plastic Pallets Compared to Wood

Plastic Pallets are of course resistant to pests and infestation which means they are exempt from ISPM15 regulations meaning not only can you store them outside with peace of mind, but you can also ship them worldwide without the headache of extra regulations.

The lifespan of a Plastic Pallet will vary depending on the environment in which it is used and the level of care it receives. However, in general, Plastic Pallets last for many years if they are properly maintained when stored outside or inside.

If you are suffering with frustrating replacement costs caused due to wooden pallet losses, our team are on hand to guide you through the process of switching to Plastic. Don’t forget, after the initial outlay Plastic Pallets are the long-term cheaper option thanks to their durability. Your business can benefit from an impressive long-term return on investment.


Plastic Pallets from Exporta

Exporta have a variety of Plastic Pallets available for whatever requirement you may have. Our pallets are suited to a variety of industries. We have heavy duty rackable pallets for the storage and transportation of large items, we have lightweight nestable pallets which are ideal for shipping lighter goods, we also have hygiene pallets which are often used in food production and pharmaceutical applications. Every single Plastic Pallet in our range can be stored outside thanks to their durability.

Plastic Pallets are also a sustainable option. They do not contribute to deforestation and the vast majority are made using recycled material. Over 98% of our range is made from recycled material. 100% of the range can be recycled at the end of their life. As a Carbon Neutral supplier, you can be assured Exporta will work with you to provide the most sustainable option.

Get in touch with the Exporta team today and make the switch to Plastic.

Exporta Global 21/09/23


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