How Load Securing Can Save Your Opertaion Money

How Load Securing Can Save Your Opertaion Money

Just as having air bags in your car is essential, protecting your goods in transport should also be a top priority. One of the most efficient methods of transporting weighty or high value items, is to use high-quality load securing equipment.

There are a variety of reasons you need to protect your goods. Keeping them safe and secure means reduced damaged and returned goods. This then leads to less waste, less shipping and less environmental impact. By reducing the chance of damaged and returned goods, it eliminates not only return costs but replacement costs of potentially high value goods. In an article from, they quote a study that showed that the cost of replacing damaged goods can be as high as 17% more than the original shipping cost. So, getting it right first time is the most cost-effective solution.

At Exporta, we stock a wide range of Load Securing options and we’ll look at them in more details in this blog.

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Fill The Space With Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Bags protect your products in containers. The bags absorb shock that naturally occurs when the container shifts and protects the products within. Dunnage Airbags are ideal for placing between pallets and products to stabilise loads. To then maximise security, we recommend using Ratchet Straps to keep items in place.

The bags can be inflated in a matter of seconds. We stock a range of 7 sizes as well as inflators and accessories to ensure your process is as efficient as possible.  As well as this, we can add your brand to the bags to help with easy identifications and increase the chance of bags being returned to you.


Ratchet Straps For Extra Security

As mentioned above, Ratchet Straps are recommended to further increase the security of your pallet loads. Quick and easy, they require no equipment for application. We have a range of break strengths available, ranging from 1000kg to 5000kg. Our Ratchet Straps also have the option of coming branded with your own brand mark adding to the quality of your brand image and strengthening your brand awareness.

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Thermal Protection to Keep it Cool

If you are moving temperature-controlled goods, then Thermal Pallet Covers are a great solution. They are made from low emittance and highly reflective aluminum foil that blocks up to 97% of radiating heat. It’s the ideal solution to keep your products cool. We have them available in a variety of sizes and configurations and can help find the best solution for you.


New for Exporta, Bulk Bag Handling

We’ve recently added a new product to our Load Securing range. The Bulk Bag Handling and Stroage Stillage System consists of a robust bowl-shaped bottom part with a slide in the centre for (dosed) discharge and 4 steel poles with special plastic feet and heads for fixating the bulk bags and for safe stacking / racking of the systems. It’s an efficient and safer option for big bag handling, replacing current solutions like racks, octabins, mini silos often found in industries like plastics, food, chemical and seeds.

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How Can Exporta Support Your Operation?

Shop our full Load Securing range online. Orders for in stock items placed before 4pm will be delivered next working day. If you’re not sure what solutions in right for you, then speak to one of our team about your set up and find the best solution for your operation. Contact us here or call 0800 294 4394.

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