How do Exporta products and services support British manufacturing?

How do Exporta products and services support British manufacturing?

There has been a recent increase of large UK businesses moving their manufacturing process back to the UK due to broken supply lines and global uncertainty.  This sustained British manufacturing growth has also been attributed to some other factors such as more skilled workforces, improvements in automation and technology and an increased investment in R&D.

‘With an annual output of £183 billion, the UK remains the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world.’ Make UK

According to Make UK, UK manufacturing currently:

  • Employs 2.7 million people.
  • Accounts for 45% of total exports.
  • Represents 69% of business research and development.
  • Provides 13% of business investment.

You can read more about the statistics above HERE

With this growth predicted to increase, there is even more demand for warehousing goods and product handling solutions. That is where Exporta can help.



One of the key developments in British manufacturing over the last decade has been the increased introduction of automated systems. These systems allow for more efficient manufacturing operations as they save time, increase accuracy, and allow skilled workers to focus on more technical jobs.

These automated systems commonly work with totes or pallets. The totes or pallets are barcoded and can be organised, stored, and picked from with the help of a robot. At Exporta we have a huge range of pallets and totes suitable for these systems. We can also provide RFID systems alongside the products.

Our pallets are also commonly used in automated loop or pooling systems. Plastic Pallets are ideal for this role as the pallet needs to be consistent to be compatible with an automated system. This can be guaranteed as Plastic Pallets come from a consistent mould without any splinters or irregular edges. This is the same for our totes.

You can read more about this in our blog, Automation Pallets: Why choose plastic over wood?


Product Handling

Having a compliant and efficient operation is vital for any manufacturing warehouse. Businesses need to be confident that the components they use are being stored securely and transported around the site safely and efficiently, they also need the same peace of mind when they’re shipping their goods.

Our range of pallets, pallet boxes, pallet collars, containers and crates are perfect for heavy industrial use thanks their high quality of manufacture. Our sales team have the knowledge needed to provide accurate information when working with a customer to pick the right product handling solution for their manufacturing operation.

You can see our full range, HERE


Warehouse Fit-Outs

As businesses continue to move manufacturing projects back to the UK, the demand is increasing for new warehouse facilities. Kitting out a warehouse for use can be a daunting project as there are so many factors to consider.

At Exporta, we can take care of a full warehouse kit-out. From initial design to a full working system, we have expert teams to help maximise space and improve efficiency. Our projects team has in-depth knowledge of maximizing space, while our dedicated product teams know what products are going to make the biggest difference to making your systems more efficient.

You can read more about what we can do HERE


Working with Exporta

We are here to support any new or existing British manufacturing facilities. It’s simple to add us to your team. We can offer a variety of services including:

  • Expert advice.
  • UK wide next day delivery.
  • Bespoke products.
  • In-house branding.
  • Customer loyalty account.
  • Pallet load testing.
  • Product rental.

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