Glossary: Storage and Pallet Box Terms You Should Know in 2022

Glossary: Storage and Pallet Box Terms You Should Know in 2022

Pallet Box

pb colours

A pallet box is a highly durable, quality plastic container. These are versatile products that can be used for a variety of applications. Our storage and pallet boxes are impervious to moisture, weak acids and alkalis and make a valuable and durable choice when it comes to storage. Recyclable and environmentally friendly, plastic pallet boxes make a safer alternative to wooden pallets as they provide fewer risks when manual handling, as there are no nails or splinters. Easy to wash and clean, plastic pallets are suitable for hygienic areas and the distribution of fresh produce.


Dolav Box

These are the OG of pallet boxes. A leading option when durability and quality are key. These are available in a variety of colours and unlike other injection moulded plastic pallet boxes which have mechanically fitted skids, tilting forklifts can easily rotate Dolavs compatible boxes to empty them – even when filled with heavy, wet, goods such as meat or fish. The design and materials used make these boxes ideal for use in food handling settings.



Automotive industry

‘Small Load Carrier’. The name KLT links back to standardized specifications in the German VDA. This style of plastic stacking containers is predominantly used in the automotive industry. They are ideal for storing and moving small parts. Having a reliable product within the manufacturing is key to ensuring the process runs smoothly and is cost effective.

We stock a range of small part storage bins, attached lid containers or euro stacking containers  which are ideal options for storing and moving goods.



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Stands for ‘Folding Large Container’. This is just another name for poly-crates or collapsible pallet boxes. These are great space saving options when your box is not in use.




Poly crates are economic and safe for transportations option for your goods. Designed with a 3-part folding system, meaning an efficient space saving option when not in use. It’s lightweight, from as little as 11.5kg in our half euro option, these are ideal for shipping light goods.



If you don’t know about RVM’s now, you will be hearing more about them in the coming years. RVM stands for Reverse Vending Machine. Now while

reverse vending

we don’t supply the machines themselves, we do have the products that can operationally support. From collecting the bottles to moving them through the recycling process, pallet boxes or large storage bins can work with these systems.


Reverse Vending Machines are already live in several countries across Europe. Part of the plan to help reduce single use plastic waste, consumers will pay a small deposit when purchasing drinks in bottles (or cans) and get that deposit back when they return them via these machines. The scheme is set to launch in Scotland form 2023, and across the UK in 2024, reverse vending is a part of our future.


You can browse our full range of Storage and Pallet Boxes here.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, maybe a custom pallet box is an option for you. Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements and get a quote!



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