Attached Lid Containers, or Tote Boxes, are heavy duty plastic boxes with hinged lids. These are used in a variety of settings and applications. From warehouse storage to pharmaceutical settings, Attached Lid Containers are an ideal solution for storage and movement of products.

In this blog, we explore some of the key benefits of using Attached Lid Containers:

1. Storage – these containers boast fantastic storage capacity. This can solve space saving issues in warehouse racking systems.
2. Stackable – this can reduce freight costs when in transport, but also when the containers are emptied you can stack them on top of each further saving you space.
3. Ease of movement – once you have stored your goods, the boxes can be easily maneuvered making them the idea choice for transporting goods.
4. Hygiene – the attached lids mean the containers are sealed securely, protecting the goods inside and keeping them safe. Being made from Plastic as well means they are easy to clean and keep hygienic.
5. Cost-Saving – these containers can be reused for years, and are highly durable, meaning they are much more cost effective in the long run over lower cost options like cardboard.

Plastic is becoming the best choice for moving goods around, and in the last year with an increase in click and collect and retail distribution, the demand for these types of products is on the rise. But here at Exporta we have you covered!

We stock a wide range of Tote Box options. Various colours, 45L to 70L capacities and mini tote box options for smaller requirements.

If you are looking for cost-effective, space saving solutions then shop the full range of Attached Lid Containers HERE, or speak to one of our team on 0800 294 4394 about the best solution for you.




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