Being an environmentally conscious and sustainable thinking company is just as important to us as our business values, customer service and having a happy team! We are committed to promoting sustainability from within our offices right through to the products we provide our customers. Read on to see what we are doing to promote a more environmentally friendly future.

We have once again achieved ISO14001 certification. Our constant commitment to the environment is always present in our day-to-day activities and within our product ranges. The ISO 140001 standard ensures organisations manage their environmental responsibilities, an important value to Exporta.

Recycling Pallets
We take care of everything. We will arrange for collection of the Pallets to be recycled and then take them on to our recycling partners to go through the recycling process. The pallets are cleaned and compounded into granules so that they can then be reused to make new, recycled pallets. Plastic Pallets last up to 10 years, then the same pallets can be recycled again for future use.
While there are a lot of companies who offer to collect and recycle Wooden Pallets – these can only be partially recycled. By being one of the few offering full collection and recycling of Plastic Pallets and Containers, we can help support customers looking to be more environmentally conscious and reduce plastic waste.
98% of our Pallets sold are made from recycled plastic.
We have partnered with UK based recycling specialists, Plastic Expert, to offer this free service to our customers. Recycling capabilities is a key point when talking to existing and potential customers, so by offering this service we are supporting the values of many businesses and supporting sustainability.

Eco Rating

New for 2021 is our plastic pallet eco rating system. This system allows you to choose your plastic pallet in the full knowledge of it’s effect on the environment.

The plastic pallet can be recycled at the end of it’s life.

Eco Plus
The pallet is made from recycled material and can be recycled after use.

Eco Max
As well as being made from recycled material and recyclable, the pallet can also be repaired



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