Exporta Products for the Agriculture Industry

Exporta Products for the Agriculture Industry

Over the last 20 years, Exporta has grown into one of the leading suppliers of warehouse equipment and product handling goods in the UK, including products for the agriculture industry. We offer a unique and tailored customer service and experience.

With nationwide delivery, and being minutes from the UK’s main transport network, we have become a trusted supplier to manage businesses across multiple industries. Along with our 5-star customer service and fast delivery offering, we have over 150 years industry experience across our team. So, you can be confident you are working with an expert and trusted supplier.

We stock a wide range of products that are ideal for the agriculture industry, from crates to boxes, we have a solution to suit your needs…


Rigid Pallet Boxes for Agricultureagri rpb potatoes

Robust a spacious, Rigid Pallet Boxes are perfect for use in the agricultural industry. These boxes are a cost-effective solution that make handling produce much easier. They are easy to clean, with no sharp corners and a glass internal finish. The runners are solid and with the use of a forklift, the pallet box can be easily tipped for emptying.

We have two standard base sizes available, each with various height options. We can offer solid sides or ventilated sides and we have lid options too. The base can feature either runner or feet, and we have different colour options available. And depending on your specific needs, the material can be virgin or recycled.

Perfect for:

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Eurocrates for Agriculture 02 EC6415GCH 1

Our Eurocrates provide flexibility for moving and storing food produce. The Crates are very robust and suitable for use in most environments including farms, food production and transport. They are well ventilated, easy to clean – key for preventing damage to produce and stock. If you’re looking for a versatile and robust crate option in the agricultural field, then the Eurocrate is a great option for you.

We have standard base size of 600x400mm available with various height, colour and material options. Green and blue Eurocrates are available in virgin material for direct contact with food product, while our black Eurocrates are made from recycled material and are more suitable for prepacked produce.

Perfect for:

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Bale Arm Crates for Agriculture 02 BAC4601P 1

Bale Arm Crates have the strongest stacking arm on the market, so you can lift more weight with confidence. These are made of robust food-grade plastic so can withstand the tough treatment they are likely to undergo. Equally applicable to storage, transport and food, these crates are truly multi-functional and will fill any role asked of them. Ideal for use in farm and agricultural settings, we have the right bale arm crates to suit your needs.

We stock a standard base size of 600x400mm with two height options to choose from. The crates are available in virgin material and in either blue or green.

Perfect for:

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Folding Crates for Agriculture 02 FC6401P 3

Folding Crates are commonly used throughout the food sectors. They provide an effective method of moving produce and parts around. Their collapsible quality means that they are a great space saving solution when on the return journey. The F-Crate or Folding Crate is the fastest to collapse, the easiest folding crate to build up; it can also carry the most weight in its class of crates.

We have a standard base size of 600x400mm available, with five different higher options. The crates come in virgin or recycled material with custom colours available on request. As standard the crates come in grey with red handles.

Perfect for:

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How Can Exporta Support Your Business?

Brose the range of crates and boxes online or get in touch with our team to kickstart your quote. We can also offer Branding solutions to selected products, and we offer an in-house printing service meaning your product will arrive branded and ready to use.

Call the team on 0800 294 4394 or complete our online from and someone will come back to you.



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