Exporta Launches Plastic Pallet Recycling ‘Buy-Back’ Initiative

Exporta Launches Plastic Pallet Recycling ‘Buy-Back’ Initiative

We’re passionate about recycling plastic pallets to ensure the material is used in a sustainable manner that avoids it being discarded in landfill. We won’t just take your plastic pallets for free, we can offer you credit to use with Exporta.


What is the Plastic Pallet Buy Back Initiative?

At Exporta, we’ve been offering a free plastic pallet recycling service for a number of years, but alongside our continuous efforts to reduce our carbon emissions working with Auditel, we’ve decided to make it even better to recycle plastic pallets with Exporta, because now, we offer credit for them.

Launching in October, we now offer a unique Buy-Back service. Whether you bought your plastic pallets from Exporta or not, you can now fill out a simple form on our website and we’ll get back in touch with a quote for your used plastic pallets. We’ll then pick them up for recycling. You’ll then be able to use the credit to purchase your next batch of plastic pallets. Alternatively, you can use it against any other goods from our range. It’s as simple as that.


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How Does the Plastic Pallet Buy Back work?

Your old plastic pallets will be taken to our recycling partners. They will then be turned in to plastic granules, ready to be used to create more plastic pallets. In a world that’s increasingly turning to returnable packaging, you can keep the cycle going even after the plastic pallet has been used. Recycling your plastic pallets also ensures they won’t be discarded in landfill where they could have a harmful effect on the environment.


Get Your Quote and Find Out More

For more information and to submit your ‘Buy-Back’ request head to https://info.exportaglobal.co.uk/pallet-buy-back



0800 294 4394

Exporta Global 11/10/22


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