Exporta Launches New Range of Roll Containers

Exporta Launches New Range of Roll Containers

Sometimes called a roll container, roll trolley, roll pallet or cage trolley. These containers are hugely versatile and are a crucial part of many warehouse and retail operations. At Exporta, we’ve recognised the need to provide these roll containers to our customers with next day delivery as an option, so we’ve launched a brand-new range for 2022.

The range focuses on two key styles of roll container commonly used in the UK. Our range is also supported with spare parts and accessories such as shelves and straps.

Discussing the new range, Purchasing Manager John Wilkin said, ‘I’m delighted with the new range and the versatility it gives our regular roll container users. Getting these containers to them with next day delivery is something we’ve been passionate about providing so I’m delighted to see this range unveiled.’

With a strong, reinforced design, our new roll containers come with 3 or 4 sides and a choice of mesh infill type. On the base there are two fixed castors and two swivel castors for maximum flexibility and movement. The roll containers are finished with a smart, bright zinc plate.

With the rise of eCommerce businesses throughout the UK, Exporta is committed to providing products that support these types of operations. Roll Containers have become an integral part of many warehouse set-ups. Exporta also provide picking containers and crates that work with these roll containers as well as a wide range of products to suit eCommerce, retail and other various industry needs.


What other Roll Containers are on offer?

Currently we offer 21 different sizes of Roll Containers across our whole range. There are a few key differences in specification to look for when your choosing a roll container. The most obvious difference can usually be found in their title; are they demountable or nestable?


Demountable containers essentially mean you can move the sides around to suit your needs. However, unlike a nestable container, the base of the containers won’t neatly nest into each other to reduce wasted storage when the containers are not in use. We offer both types and the required type really depends on how you need to use your roll container.


The base of the containers typically have four castors. However, depending on your needs you can also have all four fixed or two able to swivel. The base helps the movement of the container within a workplace setting.


Most roll containers in our range have a base size that is roughly 800x700mm. However we do offer larger containers for certain applications. In terms of the height of the container, our containers range from roughly 1500mm to 1800mm high. If you want to add storage compartments within your roll container, we offer spare shelves that provide this solution.


Finally, infill is another factor to consider when your choosing a roll container for your application. Essentially, this is the mesh that surrounds and fills the side and base of the container. The option is essentially rod, or mesh. If you need heavy duty protection then mesh is the choice for you. Rod infill is suitable for lighter applications.


To view the new range, and to get a quote on bulk quantities, click here. You can also speak to the team – call 0800 294 4394 or email sales@exportaglobal.co.uk to discuss your needs further

Thomas Wood Goulbourn 5/04/22


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