Customised Roll Cage

Customised Roll Cage

The Customer
A company that specialises in automation in the healthcare industry as well as digitalized NHS services.

The Brief
This customer needed a solution suitable for a train system that would work with their mobile robotics operation. They had researched roll cages on the market and found that none of them met their very specific needs. They needed a customised solution.

The Solution
The major customisation was the dimensions of the roll cage produced. It had a base of 1410x645mm with a height of 1870mm, ideal for the customers’ needs and intricate operation. The size allowed for a specific size of crate to sit within the roll cage while holding loose industrial components.
There were also several other specific design features which enhanced the roll cage for this specific system.
Wire mesh shelves were installed complete with small white, rubberised, shock absorbing hooks to reduce noise while the container was in motion. The design of the shelf ensured containers could not slip forward thanks to a mesh lip, this was especially crucial during transport. The selves could also be moved to allow for different storage requirements within the mobile system.
Another key factor in creating this roll cage was to allow for a train style system. This required a coupling hook to be added to the design. This allowed up to seven roll cages to be safely driven by a small vehicle while keeping their contents always secure.

Other design features included accessories to secure outsize goods that needed to be transported in the roll cages, identifications plates that were personalised for the customer and additional mesh dividers for any storage needs the customer had.

D long goodsE personalized metal plate B train system

How can I start my own customised product project?
Thanks to this unique and completely original roll cage, the customer has increased efficiency within their operation and saved themselves time and money. We can do this for you. We are always happy to listen to your own unique requirements to help you with a customised solution, or maybe something off the shelf.

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