Looking for Customised Pallet Boxes?

Looking for Customised Pallet Boxes?

Did you know that here at Exporta, not only do we supply a great range of Pallet Boxes, but we can also provide customised pallet boxes to suit your requirements? We believe Pallet Boxes are a great choice for moving and shipping goods, are versatile for a range of applications and given the material and build, provide good longevity and ROI to the end user.

But while your standard solution might suffice in some instances, sometimes there are tweaks or changes that could significantly enhance an operation. In this blog we’ll look at the customisations we can offer when it comes to Pallet Boxes.



If you use your pallet boxes as part a loop system or on different sites, then having an easily identifiable solution is key. Being able to easily identify your goods can help save time, prevent goods from going missing and in turn keep your ROI up.

We can offer help with concept and design, and make sure your branded pallet box is going to work for your operation. Find out more about our customization offering here.


Pallet Box Customisations

So, what modifications can be done?

  • With or without lids
  • Locking systems
  • Runners
  • Drop Sides
  • Castors
  • Different colour options

If you have a more bespoke requirement or request, we are happy to explore further. Depending on how bespoke, a minimum order quantity may be a factor in if we can see it through or not. But the team are happy to discuss your options.


Customised Pallet Box SuccessStatic 5

Last year, we provided a customised pallet boxes for a top subsea engineering company. They needed a solution that gave them uniformed pallet boxes that were easily indefinable and keep the goods inside the boxes secure. We were able to design a prototype in house which went through testing on the customers end to ensure it was fit for purpose. The result? No mire missing pallets and it saved the team time and money. And you can read our full case study on the project.

A customised product is usually the result of solving a problem, and the problem is often something that other people experience too. We now stock this secure hinged lid pallet box, which was actually the result of a customised pallet box project. Example product that started off as a customised solution but is now something we stock.


How can Exporta help?

Whether you are ready to talk about your pallet box needs or just have a query about our standard pallet box range, the team at Exporta are here to help. Call us on 0800 294 4394 or complete our online enquiry form and tell us about your requirements!




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