Choosing the right pallet for your company

Choosing the right pallet for your company

Making sure you choose the right pallet for your company’s requirements is crucial. The right pallets help you optimise space, reduce shipping costs, and securely store and transport goods.

Pallets come in a variety of materials, sizes and types, making it difficult to know which are suitable for your industry and operations. We’ve put together a quick and easy guide to choosing the right pallet for your company.

1. Material

Pallets are most commonly made from plastic or wood. Knowing the distinct advantages and disadvantages between plastic and wooden pallets ensures you make an informed decision.

Wooden pallets

Wood is a traditional material used for pallets. Goods leaving the UK on wooden pallets have to meet the EU ISPM15 regulation, which requires pallets to be treated to eradicate pests, and stamped to show this has been carried out. On wooden pallets, goods don’t slip easily so remain in place during transport. When damaged, wooden pallets can be repaired and recycled at the end of their lifecycle. However, wooden pallets are significantly heavier than plastic pallets, and are also subject to rising timber costs, which can be more expensive for your business.

Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are a reusable and reliable solution. Plastic pallets avoid the ISPM15 regulation, meaning they don’t have to be treated or stamped before being used. This minimises the disruption to your supply chain caused by ISPM15. Plastic pallets are lightweight yet durable, meaning they can hold heavy loads while reducing shipping costs. Exporta’s range of plastic pallets are made from recycled materials, and can be fully recycled and reused.


2. Type

Pallets come in many different types depending on entry points and the goods you’re storing and transporting.

Entry points

Pallets are typically 2 way or 4 way entry. This refers to how many entry points a pallet has that enables the forklift truck to pick up and move the pallet. The pallet you choose will depend on the forks of your forklift truck.

Closed or open deck

A closed, or solid, deck pallet has no gaps in the pallet, making it ideal for storing and shipping smaller goods as they don’t fall through the cracks in open deck pallets. Open deck pallets are therefore used for larger goods, helping to reduce the weight of the pallet, and are therefore more cost-effective.


3. Size

Pallet sizes vary in different regions. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has approved 6 pallet dimensions which are used as standard pallet sizes around the world.


Pallets with the dimensions 1200x800mm are considered Euro pallets. The Euro pallet is the standard European pallet as specified by the European Pallet Association. They can be identified by the abbreviation EPAL or EUR on the pallet. Euro pallets are thinner than standard pallets used in the UK and come in different variants such as load capacity.


Any pallet with dimensions of 1200x1000mm is a standard pallet in the UK. If shipping goods outside of the UK, you have to use the correct standard pallet size for the destination region, to avoid being forced to unload and reload your pallets to the correct size during transportation, which can be very costly and significantly slow down your supply chain.


4. Accessories

Pallets are often used in conjunction with accessories to ensure maximum security and durability. Pallet collars and pallet collar lids are two of the most used pallet accessories.

Pallet collars

Pallet collars are placed on top of traditional flat pallets and are a replacement for wooden boxes. Pallet collars can be wooden or plastic and are used to protect the products stored on a pallet. They allow you to easily transport the pallet and store more products inside, making them an efficient storage solution.

Pallet collar lids

Pallet collar lids are placed on top of the pallet collar to close and secure the goods stored on the pallet. With a pallet lid, you can place pallets on top of one another to maximise space in your warehouse or shipping container.


Exporta are experts when it comes to pallets. We have a large range of pallets and pallet accessories to choose from in a variety of sizes and materials that best suit your requirements. Our experts are on hand to help you choose the right, high-quality pallet. Contact us by filling in the contact form or calling us on 0800 294 4394.




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