How Changing Your Pallet Can Reduce Your Fuel Costs

How Changing Your Pallet Can Reduce Your Fuel Costs

We’re all trying to make more efficiencies in our lives. Time efficiencies, energy efficiencies and now with rising fuel costs, fuel efficiencies are front of mind. A recent article from Maersk highlights the pressures the fuel prices are having across the entire supply chain. Specifically in the EU, which gets 40% of its natural gases and 25% of its oil from Russia. With the current situation, price increases and changes are unpredictable

In this currently climate, both businesses and individuals are looking at ways to save money. When it comes to saving on fuel, for operations that use pallets, there are solutions beyond taking fewer trips and driving less miles and switching to electric vehicles that can help reduce fuel costs…


Why You Should Use Plastic Pallets Instead of Wood

We have highlighted many benefits of switching from wood to plastic in the past. Right now, however, one of the biggest benefits is the weight versus a wooden pallet.

While a wooden pallet weight more than a plastic pallet may not have been an issue or consideration before, it should be something that you think about now. Just as you might not keep unnecessary items in your boot or backseat, carrying unnecessary weight in transit is important to business operations. This is where switching to a lighter, plastic pallet can help make a difference to fuel consumption and savings.

If the issue of sustainability is holding you back from switching form wood to plastic, you can find out about how sustainable they are here. We also have a recycling partner to recycle your pallets at their end of use. And 98% of our plastic pallets are made from recycled materials as well, so are exempt from the Plastic Packaging Tax.


How Much Can Plastic Pallets Reduce Your Fuel Costs?

If you were to switch from an EPAL to LN1208G3 for example, we predict an annual saving of £7,490.

Epal Close Up copy

Another example, if you were to switch from WP1280 to NP1280P, we predict a saving of £3,716 per year.

01 NP1280P 1

This is based on converting the below savings to GBP and using current fuel costs. We also based this on new, clean and dry wooden pallets. Used pallets that are damp or dirty will also weigh more, therefore the savings could be even greater if switching to Plastic Pallets.



matrix score fuel savings

Matrix Source

Along with the fuel saving benefits, plastic pallets have a long lifespan and will last longer than your wooden pallets. In the long run you will get a better ROI with plastic pallets.


Exporta Can Help You Make The Switch

If you currently use wooden pallets in your operation, we can help you make the switch to Plastic Pallets. We stock a wide range, available for next day delivery.

Get in touch and speak to the team to find the best pallet for your operation and start saving today. Call 0800 294 4394, complete this form or email

Exporta 14/07/22


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