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In an interview with the HubSpot partner Campaign Creators, what did they say is one of the most important parts of their lead nurturing strategy?

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Our culture

Exporta is a great place to work, when the team are not found at their desks you could find them in the gym, the canteen or maybe even playing table tennis. Ultimately though, we’re here to answer our customers questions and provide them with the best industry advice available.

We are a close-knit team, so working together and promoting open and honest communication is a key part of the culture. We are prepared to challenge and be challenged. We encourage ideas on how we can improve they way we work or the service we provide to our customers. So, as well as personal development, it is about team development too!


Challenge and prepare to be challenged

Listen intently

Stand by your word

Communicate & collaborate

Entrepreneurial bravery

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