Recently, ConvaTec, a leading UK company in medical products and technologies, came to us with a problem. They had changed the methods they used to ship goods and in doing so had discovered that the existing packaging solution they had was no longer fit for purpose.

They were using cardboard crates to ship their products, and with the extra weight after a change in load specification, the crates could no longer withstand the rigours of the shipping process.

This was causing ConvaTec several problems. There were costly damages to the products being shipped. Products had to be replaced due to the cardboard crates failing. Time was also being wasted sorting out and arranging the return of damaged crates. Ultimately the overall efficiency of the shipping process had become far less efficient than it had previously been.

ConvaTec needed a solution, so they called Exporta.

Product and industry expert Damian White started by discussing and considering a few options for ConvaTec to consider. A number of products with potential suitability for the job were assessed, these included Collapsible Pallet Boxes, Rigid Pallet Boxes, Pallet Collars & Poly-Crates.

After much consideration it was decided that Poly-Crates were the right product to solve the issue ConvaTec were having. They are made from lightweight material, but they can also take a far greater weight than cardboard. They also fold down to 20% of their original height when not in use, this helps to save a lot of money on return carriage costs. But there was one problem, we did not have the size required available as a stock item. So, we got creative.

At Exporta we can provide bespoke sized products tailored specifically to a customer’s needs, and that is exactly what we did for ConvaTec. Damian worked closely with ConvaTec to choose an ideal size, before arranging the manufacture of the bespoke Poly-Crate. Along with a bespoke size we also added the ConvaTec logo to the Poly-Crates for increased brand exposure and to reduce the chance of lost crates.

In less than two months, we took on the problem ConvaTec was facing, agreed and designed a tailored solution, had the Poly-Crates manufactured and delivered to them.

This has had some hugely positive effects for ConvaTec.

Their shipping process is now far more efficient. The MFG support costs they have are diluted as they are able to send increased batch sizes thanks to the new Poly-Crate. The Set-Up and Set-Down time has been improved thanks to the unique 3-part design of the Poly-Crate. They also can reuse the Poly-Crates, something they were not able to do with cardboard ones. They also no longer face costly and time-consuming replacements to damaged products thanks to the sturdy and protective material used to make the Poly-Crate.

ConvaTec are delighted with the outcome of the project, Exporta product expert Damian White thoroughly enjoyed working with them to provide a suitable solution.

‘It’s always great to find the perfect solution for one of our customers and this project was no different, we worked closely with ConvaTec and they knew exactly what they needed, thankfully we were able to provide that. The crates looked great and I was delighted to hear that they were having such a positive impact.’

We saved ConvaTec time, we saved them money and we made their process more efficient. It is our aim to provide this experience for every Exporta customer.

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