Asset Tracking Solutions – Which One Is Right for You?

Asset Tracking Solutions – Which One Is Right for You?

Getting packages from A to B, safely and securely is what we are all about at Exporta. Our products are designed to ensure you can seamlessly move your goods, securely store them, and protect them in transit. In addition, we know the importance of tracking in your operation and is why we have solutions to help you better keep track of your pallets, crates, containers and much more.

Bluetooth or cellular technology is the key to this feature, being able to track your assets at each stage of the journey. Within a loop operation, or circular economy, you can see where your products are and ensure if any assets don’t make it back that you are able to locate and identify a route back to you.

Now that circular economy and returnable packaging are becoming a more prevalent part of supply chain operations,  it makes asset tracking more important than ever.


Benefits of Asset Tracking

  • Reduced asset loss by 90-95%
  • Identify and eliminate any leakage points
  • Increased asset utilisation by 20%
  • Reduce number of assets required by 15%
  • Collect and reuse empty assets faster, improving the circular economy


Types of Asset Tracking Methods

QR Code – a ‘quick response code’, which is a matrix barcode. In this instance, the codes are made up of black and white squares they are very commonly used for sorting URL’s and other information.

Barcode – requires the use of a scanner. Black and white bars set at varying widths in machine readable form.

GPS – the Global Position System uses satellite navigation to track the positions of people, vehicles, or objects. Generally, GPS is used for navigation or route tracking, however, it can also be used to track assets of value.

RFID – while these are similar in principal to the barcode technology, RFID tags have the benefits of tracking objects outside the line-of-sight. Data is then captured via radio waves without the need for a scanner.


Exporta’s ProductTrack Solution

We have introduced a new tracking package to help you better manage your pallets, crates, containers and much more. The package is easy to use and can drastically improve your operation.

The ProductTrack Package is a collaborative asset tracking solution that provides a unique digital record for each of your assets. Tag your assets with a QR code, barcode, GPS or RFID tag for instant identification.


Ready to Start Tracking Your Assets?

If you’re not sure what solution is best for your set up, or you want to find out more about our ProductTrack package, get in touch and speak to our team.

In addition, we can discuss your requirements and provide a solution tailored to your business needs. You can submit an enquiry online, or email our team or call 0800 294 4394.

Exporta Global 22/08/22


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