Are You Ready To Move Online?

Even before March 2020, many businesses were starting to move from traditional retailing to e-commerce order fulfilment. The Covid-19 pandemic has merely accelerated this progress and as shoppers become accustomed to the benefits of buying online, this trend will likely continue beyond the lifting of restrictions. For businesses with online order fulfilment already planned or in place, the transition has been relatively seamless. For companies who have yet to make the change – and need to do so to survive – the process might seem daunting. Are you one of them?

Are third-party logistics the answer?

There are compelling arguments for outsourcing all storage, order picking and delivery to a third-party logistics provider. After all, they have the facilities, the experience and the networks already in place. But third-party doesn’t work for everyone. For example, do your order volumes warrant outsourcing? If you are combining online sales with a retail outlet, can sales staff be seconded to order fulfilment during off-peak opening times? If your company operates from offices, could office staff assist warehouse workers in packing and labelling orders?

Outsourcing may also not be the best option for you if you are in a specialised industry. Third-party providers are scaled to move high volumes of goods at speed but without specialised product knowledge, incompatible parts can be despatched and fragile goods can be mishandled. Plus, if any product modification or customisation is needed before despatch, providers may either be unable to offer this service or charge disproportionately for it.

How can you bring order fulfilment in house?
At Exporta Global we have the experience, knowledge and products needed to plan and fit out your order fulfilment operations. Whether you’re looking at adding pick faces and packing facilities to small warehouse storage or creating a complete distribution centre, we can make it work efficiently and cost-effectively with maximised use of available space.
Products that are popular for order fulfilment include:
• Racking & Shelving that can be complemented by our range of compatible storage solutions
• Picking Bins that provide instant product identification and picking without having to open and close boxes, available in corrugated board or plastic to suit a range of budgets
• Attached Lid Containers (ALCs) that provide stackable, space-saving storage and secure handling while transporting goods
• Load securing products that stabilise larger and palletised consignments, reducing the long-term costs of repair/replacement and customer dissatisfaction due to damage in transit

What’s the first step to order fulfilment freedom?
We can tailor your planning and buying experience to where you are in the journey towards order fulfilment. If you already know what you need, browse the links we’ve included above and our whole website. If you can’t see what you’re looking for, call us free on 0800 294 4394.

If you’re new to storage and distribution, our expert team are ready and willing to guide you through the best ways to maximise storage and streamline the process from pick face to pack bench. Again, call us free on 0800 294 4394 or email us at



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